Irish Dance

Beauty in the Rhythm and Discipline of an Ancient Art

So you are considering Irish Dance for your child or your personal enrichment? For most people, it is a consideration driven by a desire to experience the modern expression of Irish step-dancing found in River Dance.

The beauty of the musical rhythm and the intense physical movement offer the allure of an art-form blended with the discipline of sport. But Irish Dance is so much more than that. It is a heritage and tradition born of an ancient culture that continues not only on the Emerald Isle, but throughout the world as stewarded by generations of its sons and daughters.

Here among them you find The O’Faoláin Academy of Irish Dance—where cutting-edge dance instruction is firmly rooted in that heritage and tradition.

We Are

The O’Faoláin Academy

The Academy provides classical Irish dance instruction with a modern edge to children ages three and up, as well as adults. Our curriculum combines the learning of technical dance skills necessary to compete and perform on stage at all levels, with athleticism and musicality to form a love of Irish Dance, a unique approach experienced nowhere else. At The O’Faoláin Academy, Irish Dance is presented not only as an art and competitive sport, but also as a means by which to appreciate Irish culture.

It is also a social activity from which valuable life-lessons can be extracted. Work ethic, self-confidence, physical fitness, and sportsmanship are developed in all O’Faoláin students. Our dancers are well-rounded, as they are exposed to team dancing and solo dancing for competition and performance, as well as for the simple enjoyment of this beautiful art.

Why Choose

O’Faoláin Academy of Irish Dance

Established in 2007, we strive to be one of the premiere Irish dance academies in the world. Many of our award-winning dancers have received recognition at local, regional, national, and international competitions, including the All-Ireland Championships and the World Championships. What you can expect when choosing O’Faoláin Academy for Irish Dance instruction:

  • TCRG Certified, high-quality, progressive instruction in a nurturing environment.
  • Structured, goal-oriented program geared toward competitive participation at all levels.
  • Local and national competition and performance opportunities, as well as abroad.
  • Multiple classes weekly for children ages 3+ and adults to meet a wide range of schedule needs.
  • Culturally diverse environment—no need to be Irish to enjoy the benefits of participating in Irish dance for competition or recreational enjoyment.
  • Convenient locations in Webster Groves, Missouri and O’Fallon, Illinois.
  • Low student-teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention.
  • Supplemental workshops taught by international guest instructors.
  • No separate parent association dues.

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As Director and Head Instructor of the Academy, Jennifer O’Faoláin-Bartley is certified by the An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin, Ireland. She is also pursuing the highest diploma awarded in Irish Dance, the ADC RG designation.

Ms. O’Faoláin-Bartley, a champion dancer, has won many awards at the highest level of competition, in both the United States and Ireland. She is an accomplished choreographer and travels to Ireland frequently to bring the freshest ideas and skills to her students to impart the most competitive edge.